Husna Izzati

Heritage Muslim Food Industry


Husna Izzati binti Hasaruddin, born in Penang, is one of the graduates of UniKL MICET in Biosystem Engineering in 2018. She is a full-time entrepreneur who manages the food processing and supply business with her family members.

Journey Of Business

Husna has started a business since the age of 13 by running various types of business such as food, health, beauty spa, clothing and so on. All these businesses cannot afford to last more than 2 years. Later, the family got the idea to open a food stall that started at home and also started a food packing business.

Current Business

“Wan Soo” is a brand under Heritage Muslim Food Industry operating in Bandar Tasek Mutiara in Seberang Perai Selatan, Penang. Various Penang traditional food menus can be found in this instant paste form such as nasi briyani, mamak fried noodles, black cooked meat, Penang fish curry and more. Husna has used the knowledge and experience learned at UniKL MICET such as Halal product management and Quality Assurance until his company has achieved the status of “Safe Food Industry Responsibility” (MESTI) issued by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and Halal recognition by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) .

Apart from “Wan Soo”, Husna company also produces other brand products, namely Dara Sekurun which focuses on instant cooking ingredients such as fried onions, ginger flakes and others. Heritage Muslim Food Industry also opens business opportunities to the general public who are interested in becoming an agent for the range of products under this company.